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Robotic Processes Automation (RPA) is now a very popular term in the world of automation with the promise of eliminating human inefficiencies and inaccuracies.  The sci-fi aspects of RPA also play up the intrigue in utilizing Bots to perform human tasks.  Why rely on human handling when tasks are repetitive and always follow the same set of rules and flow?  It is entirely more efficient and more accurate to have robots automatically perform the same actions prescribed by defined patterns.  Variables in human handling can be unpredictable and sometimes error-prone; Bots do not have this problem, creating a more secure business workflow. From the consumer giant Amazon, to the ‘lettuce farming’ robots from the company Spread, more and more robotic solutions are tirelessly performing mundane tasks 24/7, freeing up human employees for endeavors that require creative thinking.   

As RPA is a technology that mimics human interaction with technology solutions, implementing RPA solutions does not inherently fix any inefficiencies that are in existence with the current business process or technology solution.  If the underlying technology solution is a solid foundation, no system changes are required when implementing RPA.  However, if optimization can be found with the foundational processes, then the required first step is to modernize the underlying applications to gain the most business value from RPA.  From there, the bots can be scaled up or down as the enterprise needs, create a workflow with greater accountability, and supply better data governance.  

The Solution? 

Intellective, formerly Vega, is known for our ability to modernize solutions and implement process optimizations.  By taking your legacy processes and shifting them to more modern, and efficient workflows, we can create a solid foundation for RPA to build on. By investing in the creation phase and tools, you will save your company time, money, and manpower in the long run. 

Intellective partners with a number of companies, enabling us to mix and match solutions to fit your current needs. Intellective’s own Unity takes multiple repositories and combines them into one dashboard, meaning that your employees can find everything without the hassle of searching various repositories manually. Combining this new technology for humans, with the latest robotic technology available creates enterprise processes that boost productivity and profitability in the long run.  

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