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Many organizations utilize multiple applications to house content, processes, and data. In a world where everything, including technology, is hyper-specific, organizations typically implement multiple applications tailored to meet those specific business needs, which forces users to access separate applications.  

One way to combat that is to take all your tried and true applications, repositories, and data and house them under one portal solution, allowing you to leverage them as your company needs.  

Think of a portal like a gateway that connects all the applications you use daily. Enjoy a truly seamless experience within your ERP, CRM, and business applications, all housed in one convenient area. By linking everything together, you manage to solve a lot of problems with one holistic solution.  

Less Swivel Chairing 

‘Swivel chairing’ is a great buzz word in 2020. Essentially, this means the movement a team member must do, to search through multiple applications to do their job. Often this includes multiple screens, opening and closing applications, and above all else, a lot of wasted time. By housing everything under one portal, there is less confusion on the location of information and a more seamless work environment for your employees. This becomes very important for customer service representatives, who need to provide instant responses to a requester for content, process status, or data. 

Saving Time and Money on Onboarding 

We are never as ready to welcome a new employee as we think we are. Something invariably falls through the cracks, technology fails, and updates take place. One way to mitigate onboarding issues is to simplify them. Why teach a new hire how to access multiple ECMs, BPMs, and data repositories when you could instead train them on one portal that not only gives them the information they need but is a user-friendly interface. A simple design, compelling data, and data governance are all important factors to a new hire, to better prepare them for the job ahead.  

Actionable Process Analytic Dashboards 

Many Digital Business Process applications provide graphical dashboards to report on work volumes.  Unity takes this to the next level, but providing Actionable Process Analytics, which allows users to drill down into graphic reports to access and transact on work directly from the dashboards. Better reporting and information with your data means better, up-to-date information for data-driven decisions. A holistic view of your information creates a snapshot that anyone in management or above can use to create better workflows, increase productivity, and to monitor data governance.  

At Intellective, we like to make digital transformation simple. We designed the Unity platform to bring many of the applications a business uses to run, and compile them into one streamlined portal, with a visual dashboard. Not only does this increase productivity, but it decreases onboarding costs, and decreases frustrations. Let Intellective lead your company into a new way of working, a simpler way of working.  Contact Us if you’re interested in creating a simplified workflow.

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