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Digital Transformation For Data Management

Are you still running BPF for your case management needs?  Do you send more faxes than emails? 

Are you still rocking out on a battered Sony Walkman? 

I get it. I’m all for extracting value from technology too.  My uncle had a pickup truck with 300,000 miles on it and it ran like a top.  But that truck didn’t need to integrate with a dozen modern IT systems, survive never-ending database upgrades, and live through Java SE hitting double digits.  It’s time to make some updates.  

Intellective (formerly Vega ECM) has more relevant, combined BPF and Case knowledge than anyone.  We know because we were there: Intellective employs the lion’s share of folks who designed and built BPF for FileNet ages ago.  I personally deployed the first JSP version of BPF!  

BPF was a great tool for its time. But Intellective built the next great tool, called Unity. We can’t help you pick a replacement for that Sony Walkman, but we can help you move from BPF to a next-generation platform.  

Intellective has dedicated tools built specifically to migrate BPF solutions to modern case management platforms.  We know there are parts of your solution that are proven and functioning well and that there are parts that can benefit from a more modern approach.  We have the experience to understand what should be preserved and what can be enhanced using the latest technology platform.  Our goal is to transition you to a better solution without major impacts to your daily business.  In its original form a decade ago, Unity (then vSpace) was written specifically to provide a “one to one and better” feature list to BPF.  It’s moved well-beyond that now, but still provides the most rapid, functionally equivalent method of replacing and enhancing BPF.  We can show you our unmatched tools, skill, and experience. 

That said, it’s not just about “rip and replace.”  It’s about modernization and driving ROI and efficiency.  Unity is more than a BPF replacement, it brings data aggregation from all your content, processes, and ERP systems, and creates a streamlined user experience. Unity Intelligence Engine provides modern analytics, tuned specifically to give insights into your business processes.  

Too good to be true?  We can prove it. Reach out to us via social or through our website, or even a simple phone call.  

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