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Salesforce is one of the giants in customer relationship management (CRM) tools. But for every great legend, there are holes in their story that can make them cumbersome to work with-that’s where we come in.

If you love Salesforce’s tracking capabilities, marketing automation, and app development, you’ll love what Intellective Unity for Salesforce adds.

Intellective Unity for Salesforce allows users to search and manage documents, tasks, and data across multiple systems, right from within Salesforce. Intellective Unity is an out of the box integration, allowing you access and interact with document and data without ever leaving the Salesforce windows you’re used to.  We take everything you love about Salesforce but get rid of all the cumbersome actions that bog down your time. But let’s break it down for you so you can see how each of those features can help your company create a better, more efficient workplace.

Integration Capabilities

Salesforce already has great integration capabilities, but Intellective Unity for Salesforce by Intellective takes that up a few notches. Out of the box Intellective Unity supports content connectors like Microsoft SharePoint, Box, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager and CMOD, Alfresco, CMIS compliant document stores, and more, plus we can create custom solutions for your company’s needs.

If you’re tired of switching between windows, manually entering information, and spending time hunting down data, then this integration capability of Intellective Unity for Salesforce is for you. It allows you to see all of your enterprise data from one location, act on it, and make sure everyone in the company uses the most up to date version of documents. By just adding tabs to your existing Salesforce setup, you get to keep the look, feel and organization structure of Salesforce, but with extra capabilities to make your team’s lives easier.

SunTrust Banks is just one of the companies that Intellective was able to help with our Intellective Unity products. They had multiple content management systems constructed on multiple OEM platforms which drastically impaired the banks’ ability to find and use accurate data. The overall cost for this issue was climbing, and they needed to consolidate fast. Intellective was able to leverage our product to help them cut down on maintenance cost, create a one-stop shop for enterprise data, and reduce the time it took to find information.

All in One Information

SunTrust is just one of the companies we’ve helped consolidate their information. We often see company’s struggle with multiple business systems, chaotic storage of content and data, and aging legacy systems that are too costly to replace. Our integration capabilities allow you to organize what you already have while accessing it all from one location.

In fact, Intellective Unity for Salesforce was built on integration and it’s what we do best. While Salesforce provides you a holistic view of what is housed on their platform, Intellective Unity allows you to go farther and deeper into your enterprise content to really give you all the information you need while completing day to day tasks.

Watch our Intellective Unity for Salesforce videos to get an idea of how easy it is to access data all from one dashboard, right from within the Salesforce you already love.


We know time is valuable, and finding information is important for all your team members. That’s why we created the low code/no code functionality of Intellective Unity for Salesforce. Creating a dashboard of the information you need, when you need, with little to no fuss is what sets Intellective Unity apart. No longer does an IT team member need to be involved with every report. You can pick what information you need, both from within Salesforce and from other systems that have been integrated via Intellective Unity for Salesforce, to create a 360 view of your information. Quick to deploy and easy to use means less headaches for you.

Data Security

Data Security becomes more and more important as almost every aspect of our lives is stored somewhere online, or in a company’s sprawling databases. Because of this, understandably, the general public is calling for more data governance. At Intellective, we’ve built this into our Intellective Unity for Salesforce product to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Intellective Unity lives inside your firewall, giving you an extra layer of protection. We handle security as well as single sign-on to ensure that your information is flowing over secure channels and then connecting to your Salesforce apps. This means that users can access safe information without having to login multiple times, or ever leaving Salesforce.

Turkcell, another company Intellective was happy to help, was also focused on providing the best data security they could to their customers. Turkcell needed a solution that provided top of the line security, but that was also easy to implement and grow with their company.

Intellective worked with another giant in the industry to migrate information from existing content repositories to IBM FileNet P8. By migrating information and employing Intellective Unity’s extra security precautions, Turkcell reached their goals and uses a digital transformation that can grow with them whenever and however they need it. Intellective Unity for Salesforce, and the rest of the Intellective Unity products, offer the flexibility you need to grow, plus the peace of mind your customer’s demand.

Interested in how Intellective Unity for Salesforce can help your company? Check out this demo video down below. Or better yet, set up a personal demo from one of our amazing global technologists!

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